We are pleased to announce that our package {attachment} is now available on CRAN. The goal of attachment is to help to deal with package dependencies during package development. It also gives useful tools to install or list missing packages used inside Rscripts or Rmds. Deal with dependencies during package development If you ever had the following error when checking your package, {attachment} is for you: R CMD check results 1 error | 0 warnings | 0 notes checking package dependencies … ERROR Namespace dependency not required: ‘collateral’ With this error, Colin would answer you: Indeed, the steps to deal with dependencies in your RRead More →


Can mapping tools be diverted to other uses? Of course ! See how we play with leaflet and leafgl to quickly render a giant waffle made of millions of polygons. Spatial tools are not only for spatial data At SatRday in Paris, I presented a talk entitled “Everything but maps with spatial tools”. The aim is to show that there exists powerful tools in some fields that can be applied to other fields. You just have to open your mind a little bit. Personally, I like playing with maps and spatial data. In fact, I see rasters everywhere… In this blog post, I present aRead More →


Do you plan to upgrade your server installation from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ? It is also the best time to migrate to R 3.5 ! By the way, if you always found difficult to install R packages for geographical data on Ubuntu, this time is over. Just follow the guide… New Ubuntu version and new R version If you use Ubuntu on your laptop or on your servers in your company, chances are high that you use a Long Term Support (LTS) version. Using a LTS version is safer for companies having stability constraints. This avoids possible breaking changes that would compromiseRead More →