Shiny applications (design and deployment)

Shiny: web applications that runs R

Shiny is a framework used to design web applications in R.

A Shiny App can be hosted on a server, or installed on users’ computer (as a package or as a .exe). It allows to access R code interactively from RStudio or within a web browser.

Why go for Shiny? To harvest the full power of R, without having to think about it. By designing an interactive web interface that can run R code behind the curtain, you can provide an ergonomic, user friendly way to compute results, munge data, draw graphs…without having to write a single line of R. In other word, with a Shiny app, you are giving access to the full power of R to people who don’t know R. And they can access straight from their web browser.


You can see examples of small shiny applications on our server:

  • Collage Transforms a picture into a kitten photo mosaic
  • Legislatives Mapping of the Results of the French Legislative Elections 2017
  • Tweetstorm A tweet aggregator exchanged during the useR! 2017 conference.
  • Prenoms Tools to visualize the evolution of the popularity of baby names in France since 1900