The R task force, consultants, experts

At ThinkR, we offer you tailor-made R training.

We also offer consultancy for all your needs related to R. And even the needs for which you did not think of R! We go from the installation of infrastructure and R server to the design and deployment of Shiny applications, including all developments in the R ecosystem, such as code and R scripts optimization or code migration SAS to R.
On this blog, Rtask, we offer you a little more technical content on R issues, in French or in English according to our mood. These articles will give an overview of our skills, but above all, it is a complementary way for us to participate in the open-source community by sharing our scripts, our problems, our solutions…
You will also find a page listing all the open-source projects in which we are involved. Every day we use this wonderful resource that is R, a free, open-source software, powered by a large community. Our philosophy is also to take some of our time to contribute to the development of R and the open-source community in general.

Enjoy your reading!