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Licenses for Posit Professional Products

Whether you are a private company or a public organization, we offer our expertise to help you design your infrastructure or your datalab including R technology. Setting up this architecture can be complex without appropriate support like ours. Various tasks such as selecting the infrastructure and configuring the machines can quickly become challenging. The success of this type of project requires good mastery of R and its specificities as well as system administration.

As a Certified Full Service Partner of Posit, we offer licenses for Posit professional products as well as the necessary support to deploy these tools reliably and securely at your organization.

Carefully selected by Posit, one per country, Full Service Certified Partners are authorized to resell Posit products. They have certified R administrators and trainers. The mission of Posit’s Full Service Certified Partners is to help customers succeed with R and Posit by providing a complete range of services tailored to their specific needs. This includes user training, solution implementation, daily infrastructure management, and development of new features. By working with these partners, customers can benefit from personalized support throughout the process and ensure that their R and Posit project is successful in the best conditions.


We provide our expertise to help you choose the products that will best meet your specific needs. We also support you throughout the process of installation, configuration, and maintenance of these professional Posit products. If you purchase licenses, we also offer a customized service to support you during the deployment.

One of our strengths is our ability to combine skills in the R ecosystem architecture and intensive daily practice of the R language. This allows us to work effectively with varied profiles, whether they are IT professionals or R users. We are thus privileged contacts to understand the specific needs of your business and respond in an appropriate manner.

Our teams are also competent in various open-source technologies revolving around R, such as Gitlab, Docker, HTML/CSS/JS, PostgreSQL, Spark, VPN, etc. We have the necessary expertise to ensure the consistency of your work tools and continuity between the different teams in your organization.

We are committed to offering competitive prices and to playing an intermediary role with Posit to negotiate the final price, allowing you to make significant savings while benefiting from quality support.

Posit Professional Products


Deploy an R development environment for your company


Connect your data scientists with your decision makerss


Control and distribute your packages

Buying the three flagship Posit products, bundled in the Posit Team pack, is the ideal solution to get full access to all the advanced features Posit offers for data analysis, package management, and sharing of data science products (shiny, reports, etc.). You’ll be able to work more efficiently, save time and money while increasing productivity.

The Posit Team pack is particularly advantageous for organizations that use R and Posit on a large scale, offering them convenience, simplicity, and savings. Depending on your profile, you can benefit from a discount of up to 25% off the public price. Our team of Posit experts is at your disposal to help you choose the pack that best suits your needs and to support you in all stages of installation and maintenance.


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