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At ThinkR we are passionate about R. We are a team of developers and R consultants, with solid knowledge and skills in everything R-related — development, application deployment, or infrastructure .
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Our blog posts:

Dockerise and deploy your own R Archive Repo

There are severals reasons you would want to deploy your own R archive repo: you don’t want to rely on GitHub for your dev packages, you want to use a more “confidential” way, or maybe (and that’s good enough a …
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/ / docker, server

[How-to] Share content between several R6 instances

The object oriented system is a nice and powerful way to program and to build softwares and data in R. Yet, it can be a little bit daunting at first, especially if you’ve alway been coding in R, and with …
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/ / object-oriented, R6

The Best Rstudio Snippet Ever!

Because I was tired of typing the same thing over and over. I finally took the time to make myself a little Rstudio snippet. To do this just go to Tools > global Option > code > edit snippet and …
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/ / tips

Installation to connect Spark and H2O in R

In the ThinkR Task force, we love playing with H2O in R. Their algorithms for machine learning are really powerful. Combined with Apache Spark through Sparkling Water, H2O provides even more powerful data processing workflows, which you can run on …
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Our Package template to design a prod-ready Shiny application

In this article, I will introduce the approach we use at ThinkR for Shiny applications we design. This is a relatively strict framework but designed to simplify our life and guarantee to deliver a “prod ready” application (whether it is launched …
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/ / shiny