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    R experts, for all your R needs

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At ThinkR we are passionate about R. We are a team of developers and R consultants, with solid knowledge and skills in everything R-related — development, application deployment, or infrastructure .

Contact us if you need a team of experts to carry out your R projects:

  • Package creation
  • Code optimization
  • Shiny application
  • Installation and configuration of Rstudio Connect
  • Rstudio server or ShinyProxy with Docker
devindocker package logo for development in docker container

2020-11-07 / Sébastien Rochette

How to develop inside a Docker container to ease collaboration?

To ensure the reproducibility of your projects, you can develop in the Docker container that you will use to share your work. Indeed, what to do when your data analyses, publications, models are used by users with different versions of operating systems and R packages R? How do you ensure that your Dockerfile delivered with your package or project is ...

2020-10-26 / Sébastien Rochette

Modify RStudio prompt to show current git branch

At the last Raddicts Paris Meetup, Romain Francois (to be followed on twitter here) made one strong impression, among others, with his RStudio console which indicates the active git branch and the RAM memory used by R. If you too want to have this (to shine in society or because you spend your time doing git checkout):   Here is ...

A HTML report created from git messages using gitdown package

2020-08-10 / Sébastien Rochette

Download Gitlab or Github issues and make a summary report of your commits

While working on our {gitdown} package, I wanted to show more information on the report generated by retrieving all issues of my Gitlab / Github repositories. Indeed, titles of issues could improve readability and information of the git report of this package. How can I download all issues information from git repositories? Context of {gitdown} development {gitdown} is a package ...

Transform a directory of flles to gitlab or github, using git

2020-08-10 / Sébastien Rochette

Transform a folder as git project synchronized on Github or Gitlab

You have been working for years on your R scripts, and saved all versions as “script_v1.R”, “script_v2.R”, “script_v2_best-of-the-world.R”, … One day, you heard about git, a versioning system that allows you to make your files travel through time. But, how to transform a directory of falsely versioned files into a git repository and synchronize it online? Originally, I wanted to ...

2020-06-10 / Colin Fay

What’s a “successful” Shiny Application?

One of the things that we keep promoting in the ThinkR team are good practices for production software engineering in R. Of course, that implies Shiny Applications—and even more if we introduce the {golem} package, which promotes good practices for “production-grade” Shiny application. But let’s take a step back and think about what makes a successful/production-grade Shiny Application. ...

Screenshot of remote learning session with R and videoconference

2020-05-22 / Margot Brard

Far from the virus, close to the pedagogy: Our choice to train only remotely in 2020

The unprecedented health situation linked to Covid-19 has driven our team into a corner. Locked down during the lasted two months in France, we were no longer able to carry out in-person training sessions. But it wasn’t time to twiddle one’s thumbs.  All chances on your side for remote trainings in good conditions We learned and experimented new ways of ...


2020-05-02 / Sébastien Rochette

Installation of R 4.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and tips for spatial packages

You plan to upgrade your server installation from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? It is also the best time to migrate to R 4.0 ! By the way, if you always found difficult to install R packages for geographical data on Ubuntu, this time is over. Just follow the guide… Last time you read this kind of tutorial on ...

golem package

2019-09-29 / Colin Fay

Getting started with {golem}

A little blog post about where to look if you want to get started with {golem}, and an invitation to code with us in October. ...


2019-08-19 / Sébastien Rochette

Dash with golem: First contact

{golem} has been developed to help building big Shiny application to put in production. What if {golem} could be used to build another popular interactive web application, recently made available to R programmers: Dash ? Dash, a newcomer in interactive web applications A few days ago, Plotly announced Dash now available for R. After reading this announcement, I thought this ...


2019-07-22 / Sébastien Rochette

useR!2019 Quizz: Test your knowledge of base R and ThinkR

At useR!2019 in Toulouse, ThinkR opened a quizz allowing to win a pipe knight. About a hundred of respondents won this Playmobil. In this blog post, we review the questions and respondents answers. We’ll see that the crowd as almost always right, but they do not know who the real R oracle is… The quizz showed some difficulties and tricks ...