gitlabr V2.1.0 – gitlab-ci with ‘pak’ and functions to deal with groups on GitLab

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Author : Sébastien Rochette
Categories : development, docker, package
Tags : gitlab, gitlabr, thinkr-package
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A lot of cleanups, new features, and bug fixes for this new version of ‘gitlabr’. You will find brand-new CI/CD templates and functions to manage GitLab groups from R.

Brand new gitlab-ci with ‘pak’, ready to use

  • The template for checking R packages uses {pak} for dependency management. You will no longer have issues with missing system dependencies.
  • You should see better use of caching, especially cache sharing between jobs. You should spend less time waiting for things to process…
  • The templates for bookdown have also been revised.
  • You can choose whether to update R dependencies by installing them or not with upgrade = TRUE.
  • And a brand-new vignette to introduce how to use gitlabr::use_gitlab_ci()

Managing GitLab groups

  • You can now create, edit, and delete groups from R on your GitLab.
  • You can also manage subgroups.
  • You can retrieve lists of project and group members.

gitlabr v2.1.0 – Complete NEWS

Breaking changes

  • use_gitlab_ci() does not use repo_name anymore as “rocker” images fix CRAN to a specific date.
  • Functions deprecated since version 0.7 are removed
  • Transfer ownership of the project to ThinkR-open

New features

  • use_gitlab_ci() allows to decide whether to update R packages during the CI pipeline
  • Add vignette to explain how to use ‘gitlabr’ with GitLab CI
  • gl_new_group(), gl_edit_group(), gl_delete_group(), gl_list_groups(), gl_list_sub_groups() to deal with groups on a GitLab instance (@mpolano)
  • gl_new_subgroup() to create a subgroup in a group (@margotbrd)
  • gl_delete_file() to delete a file in a repository
  • gl_list_project_members() and gl_list_group_members to retrieve members of a project or a group (#61, @datawookie)
  • gitlab() queries allow for a vector of parameters to be passed to the API. This is needed when the API asks for an array (@klmr)

Minor changes

  • multilist_to_tibble() transforms a deep structured nested list from an API into a tibble (#86, @statnmap, @ymansiaux)

Bug fixes

  • gl_file_exists(), gl_list_files(), gl_push_file(), gl_delete_file() now work with files in subdirectories
  • Fix handling file path in sub-directories in gl_push_file() (#73, #111)
  • Fix combination of page and max_page for infinite pagination (#90)
  • Fix auto_format=FALSE (#82)


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