R server and infrastructure



Local or remote R server installation

Your studies with R work well on each user’s computer, but can you ensure the reproducibility of your results?

Can you ensure that the R packages you have developed on your local computer can be used throughout your company?

Would you like to make a Shiny application available inside your company without having to install R on each computer, but without the application being available on the Internet?

At ThinkR, we can deploy well-tried and/or innovative solutions for sizing, configure and deploy R in all its forms. We always adapt to the users, the information system, and  of course to your needs. We rely on the RStudio products: RStudio Server (Pro), Shiny Server (Pro) and RStudio Connect, and we are official RStudio License sellers involved in the “Full Service Partner” program.

Our team has the skills for a large panel of open source technologies that revolve around R: Gitlab, Docker, HTML/CSS/JS, PostgreSQL, Spark, VPN,… All these tools are here to ensure the stability of your workflow, and the continuity between the different teams.


Use cases implying R server installation