Creation of a multi-language Shiny Application

Context summary

The association wanted to present an web interface allowing exploration of a dataset of major interest worldwide. The interface required to show text explanations, raw data and graphical exploration either in English or in French, depending on the user choice. Also, on the public release date, the application could potentially be opened by thousands of people at the same time which required to propose a server architecture adapted to high demand.

Our intervention

  • Development of an R package to create the different tables and graphical outputs, based on language and user-dependent filters
  • Development of a user interface with javascript text translation allowing for a quick language change
  • Development of a user interface using the graphic charter of the association
  • Audit of different servers and cloud infrastructures to allow for a high demand production

A demo with a basic multilingual Shiny application is available here:

English French

Result & added value

The Shiny application is fluid and language change is transparent to the user. The data exploration module gives high flexibility to the users in the choice of variables and individuals to explore. All output tables presented can be downloaded by the user if needed.

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