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Posit Connect licenses

Your data scientists are doing a great job and generating valuable reports and applications. However, they face challenges in sharing their work effectively due to limitations in their current tools and systems. This results in a disconnect between your data scientists and decision makers. As a result, you often have to rely on your IT team, who may not always fully understand the nature of the work, to deploy Shiny applications.

Posit Connect is a publishing platform designed for your team’s work. With Posit Connect, data scientists can easily publish and share their dashboards, Shiny interactive applications, R Markdown reports and presentations, Jupyter notebooks, and more, all in one centralized location that is accessible to all members of your organization.

One of the key features of Posit Connect is the ability to schedule the execution and regeneration of reports at specific times, with the option of email notifications. Additionally, flexible security policies allow you to bring the power of data science to your entire organization while maintaining control over access and permissions.

Posit Connect empowers data scientists to publish their work themselves, quickly and easily, using a push-button available in the Posit IDE. This eliminates the need to involve IT or a SysAdmin, as the developer can now be the one to publish. Furthermore, there are no surprises as code that runs locally on R will work seamlessly once deployed on Posit Connect. Data scientists can also integrate Posit Connect with git to implement a continuous integration process, streamlining their workflow.

You have the flexibility to choose whether your works are published publicly or restricted to a select number of users on Posit Connect. This gives you control over the visibility and accessibility of your published content.

In addition, Posit Connect provides users with the option to download and utilize professional Posit drivers at no extra cost. These connectors are designed for the most commonly used databases such as Oracle, Hive, and more. They enable data scientists to explore databases directly from Posit Connect and use databases seamlessly with R an Python in a production environment, enhancing their workflow and productivity.

Furthermore, Posit Connect is not limited to the R ecosystem alone. It also allows for the deployment of Python scripts, Jupyter notebooks, and TensorFlow models. This means that data scientists who prefer to work with Python or use machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow can also leverage the capabilities of Posit Connect, making it a versatile platform for a wide range of data science tools and technologies.



Posit Connect editions and pricing

We provide expert advice to help you choose the right edition of Posit Connect that aligns with your specific needs. Our services include assistance with installation, configuration, maintenance, and best practices related to using Posit Connect effectively. Additionally, if you decide to purchase licenses for Posit Connect, we can provide consulting services to support you during the deployment process.

We strive to offer competitive prices and act as an intermediary with Posit to discuss your requirements. Depending on your profile, you may be eligible for discounts of up to 25% off the public price. Moreover, if you are an existing Posit customer, you may have the option to add the package manager at a highly attractive price.



Public prices shown below are for information only.


Posit Connect Base Posit Connect Standard Posit Connect Enterprise

20 users

Included features:

1 server activation
+ Pro drivers

100 users

Included features:

Base features
+ Interactive Python
+ API publishing

500 users

Included features:

Standard features
+ Unrestricted server activations

Add supplementary users: upgrade to Posit Connect Standard Add supplementary users: in blocks de 50 users Add supplementary users: in blocks de 50 users


What is a user in Posit Connect?

And most importantly: How are they counted?

The visitor of an application or a dashboard can be of 2 types:

  • an anonymous user (like you if you visit our Connect)
  • a named user, who had to log in to access Connect (for example with LDAP or Active Directory) – developers who deploy the applications are also considered as named users

Only named users are counted. The number of anonymous users is potentially unlimited (although limited at a given time T).

Contact us if you need more details about your use cases.


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