From SAS to R

Migration SAS vers R

DiscoveR a new world

Everyone has his reasons to change from one software to another. If you came to this page, there’s a big chance you are (or have been) working with SAS and would like learn how to do your job this R.

You might be afraid to take the leap, and have a lot of questions: what to do with all these scripts? How can I convert the procedures that we have accumulated for years and are used daily in your company? How can I smoothly convert my entire team to R and still be sure not to lose anything?

We can help you and your team to migrate to R, and to dust off your old SAS procedures. All that you can do with SAS, you can do it with R. We will make sure that nothing is lost along the way, and that every single converted produce produces the same results. The open-source community is rich, many tools can be used to reproduce your code under similar conditions, but we will do our best to find the method that corresponds exactly to what you need and that reproduces as faithfully as possible the SAS procedures that you had set up until then.

You can count on us to choose the most suitable method for a smooth but efficient migration.


Use cases implying migration from SAS to R