Arthur Bréant

Shiny design cook, Data explorer
Arthur Bréant

Shiny design cook, Data explorer

Curious and passionate, Arthur likes to explore data in all its forms: relational, non-relational, tidy or non-tidy.

His enthusiasm is even stronger when it comes to rendering information in an application, Shiny, preferably.

The secret:

  • Prepare a clean environment.
  • In a package, add some manipulation, a bit of data processing.
  • Mix with a nice interface and
  • Bake in the CI/CD,

…are the steps of a successful recipe.

He likes to try new things and share his discoveries.

It is with this in mind that he will share, in training, the best recipes of the team.


  • UX Design
  • Scraping
  • R packages
  • Shiny Development
  • CI/CD


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