Diane Beldame

DragonsData tamer ,
R trainer
Diane Beldame

Entrepreneur – Female Data Scientist – Amateur of beautiful dataviz

Certified Data Scientist, it is her appetite for data and what we discover when we crush them that brought her to R. She wrote her first line of R in 2007.
Pragmatic when it comes to implementing a product derived from the data, pedagogical when it comes to transmitting what she knows about R, committed when it comes to getting involved for her teams, her customers or the community of R users.
She is the one who brings the values of caring and excellence to the team.


  • R
  • Shiny
  • Dataviz
  • Statistiques & Machine learning
  • Cartographie
  • Docker
  • SysAdmin
  • Bases de données
  • Rubik's cube