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RStudio Package Manager licenses

Do you want your data scientists to focus on their work, not on managing R packages? Does your IT team encounter difficulties with each package update to maintain the servers without breaking the code?

If your collaborators work in their own corner and uses their own versions of R packages, this penalizes collaboration within your teams. They need to be able to benefit from a unified production framework, while still being able to manage packages.

RStudio Package Manager is a repository management server to organize and centralize R packages across your team, department, or entire organization. Get offline access to CRAN, automate CRAN syncs, share local packages developed by your teams, find packages across repositories, and more.

Experience reliable and consistent package management, optimized for your teams who use R.

RStudio Package Manager provides pre-compiled binaries for packages for different operating systems. The binary format of an R package allows the user to install it without having to compile all the source code of the package – which can take hours. RStudio Package Manager avoids this problem of waiting for packages to be compiled.

RStudio Package Manager allows you to safely manage packages. It is possible to restrict access to packages by creating subsets of CRAN packages (called curated subsets) that will be available to users – very useful if, for security reasons, your IT team prefers to filter the packages that users will be able to install. RStudio Package Manager also allows users to create a list of packages that they want to install, but which will only be installed after validation by the manager and/or IT – while assuring users that the version installed will be the one existing at the time of the request, even if the validation takes place several days or weeks after the request.

RStudio Package Manager is a tool that quickly becomes indispensable in a production environment. Especially if you have RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect. RStudio Package Manager allows you to unify the package versions used in development on RStudio Server Pro with those used in deployment on RStudio Connect.


RStudio Package Manager editions and pricing

We advise you on the choice of the edition of RStudio Package Manager that will best suit your needs, its installation, configurationmaintenance and best practices related to its use. The purchase of licenses for RStudio Package Manager can be accompanied by a consulting service to support you during deployment.

We guarantee competitive prices, and act as an intermediary with RStudio to negotiate the final price. Depending on your profile, you may get a discount of up to 25% off the public price, and if you are already a RStudio customer, the package manager can be added for a very interesting price.


Public prices shown below are for information only.


RStudio Package Manager Base RStudio Package Manager Standard RStudio Package Manager Enterprise

4 500€ excl tax *

per year / no user limit

Included features:

1 server activation
+ 1 repository
+ Access all of CRAN or set up curated subsets
+ Github packages
+ Local packages developed in your organisation
+ Search and browse

9 100 € excl tax*

per year / no user limit

Included features:

All Base features
+ 2 server activations for high availability
+ 1 staging server
+ 10 repositories

22 800 € excl tax*

per year / no user limit

Included features:

All Standard features
+ Unlimited server activations
+ Unlimited repositories

* indicative price for 1 € = $1.1

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  • whether there are several R user profiles in your teams (especially a diversity of package uses)

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