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RStudio Workbench licenses (previously Rstudio server pro)

Your data scientists are using RStudio Desktop on their own machines and you would like to benefit from a more powerful calculation server that promotes collaboration between your data scientists while implementing best practices? Or they are using the Open Source edition of RStudio Server but you want to reinforce the security of the tool and take advantage of “pro” features?

RStudio Workbench is the preferred IDE for data scientists using R and/or Python. RStudio Workbench enables the collaboration, centralized management, metrics and server monitoring, security, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale.

In case of high resources demands – if several data scientists are using the tool at the same time – the licensed version of RStudio provides load balancing to distribute work across multiple servers, allowing each user to work under optimal conditions.

RStudio Workbench users can download and use the professional RStudio drivers at no additional cost. These connectors for the most common databases (Oracle, Hive, Teradata…) will allow your data scientists to explore databases from RStudio Workbench and use databases with R in a production environment.


What is the difference between RStudio Server Open Source and RStudio Workbench?

What does the licensed version of Rstudio Workbenchvide?

Unlike the Open Source version of RStudio Server, the Pro version includes the ability to:

  • benefit from enhanced security and authentication
  • benefit from advanced and optimized resource management (load balancing) if there are many users
  • benefit from monitoring solutions (logs, etc.)
  • allow each user to choose the version of R of her/his choice when launching RStudio
  • run several analyses in parallel
  • schedule the launching of jobs
  • use RStudio, Python and Jupyter

RStudio Workbench editions and pricing

We advise you on the choice of the edition of RStudio Workbench that will best suit your needs, its installation, configuration, maintenance and best practices related to its use. The purchase of licenses for RStudio Workbench can be accompanied by a consulting service to support you during deployment.

We offer competitive prices, and act as an intermediary with RStudio to discuss your need. Depending on your profile, you may get a discount of up to 50% off the public price.


Public prices shown below are for information only.


RStudio Workbench Standard RStudio Workbench Enterprise
A good choice to start with. The best choice for larger teams, multiple groups, or virtualized IT environments. Offers full deployment flexibility with unrestricted server activations.

5 550 € excl tax *

5 users

Included features:

Single server activation
+ Job launcher
+ Collaboration
+ Multiple R versions
+ Multiple R sessions
+ Pro drivers

10 900 € excl tax *

10 users

Included features:

RStudio Workbench Standard features
+ Unrestricted server activations
+ Docker ready

Add more users: 75€ excl tax per user per month, billed annually Add more users: 91€ excl tax per user per month, billed annually

* indicative price for 1 € = $1.1

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  • the size of the databases you use within your organization

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