Public institution

Creation of an R package to analyse allocation of social housing

Context summary

This department of a ministry wishes to benefit from a tool to analyze data of the demands and allocations of social housing. In particular, they would like to have information on allocation rates to the poorest families, in order to determine whether or not territories are complying with the legislation. To answer this question, this public institution has already carried out a study on Excel in 2018. It now wants to make this work automatable and reproducible, so that the analysis can be repeated on a recurring basis. In order to rationalize and share its recurring statistical publications, this public institution wishes to use the PROPRE approach for this project, a “good practices”-oriented work approach developed during a previous mission. PROPRE approach is known as RAP approach in English, for Reproducible Analytical Pipelines.

Our intervention

  • Analysis of the need
  • Creation of a {Rmarkdown} template_ to render and communicate the results of the analyses
  • Development of a package tested, documented, deployed with continuous integration
  • Use of the PROPRE approach for the development process.
  • Regular exchanges with internal teams

Result & added value

  • A package with tools that allow agents to create recurring analyses
  • Rigorous documentation of the package

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