Banking sector account

A complete certification training programme

Context summary

This company specialises in the management of financial investments. It uses statistical models built with R. In order to popularise the results of these models, it is looking for a visual solution that allows both its clients and its internal teams to understand the analyses carried out. To do this, it is starting to develop solutions based on `{Rmarkdown}`, `{pagedown}` and Shiny, but would like to make its teams operational on these different tools. It is within this framework that it is calling on ThinkR.

Our intervention

  • Development of a good practice-oriented training plan
  • Certification training including the following certifications :
    • Level 1: User – Data Analysis
    • Level 2: Developer – Package creation
    • Level 3: Developer – Shiny interface design
  • Training of 9 people over 3 times 35 hours
  • Sale of RStudio Connect and Rstudio Server licences

Result & added value

  • An operational team with an expert level in R
  • A team trained in good code practices

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