Creation of an R package to integrate a design system in R productions

Context summary

This datalab of a French metropolis has to produce different R productions in its daily activities. These include: plots, reports and web applications. Solicitous about the graphic coherence on all its productions, it wishes to integrate a design system. This visual identity was developed by the datalab team: fonts, colors, etc. Everything is described. It now wishes to benefit from a tool to manage/incorporate it in its productions made with R.

Our intervention

  • Analysis of the need
  • Creation of {ggplot2} color palettes
  • Creation of {ggplot2} scale() functions
  • Creation of two {ggplot2} themes (light/dark)
  • Creation of two {rmarkdown} _ css themes_ (light/dark)
  • Creation of two boostrap themes for {shiny} (light/dark)
  • Creation a switch button to switch from one theme to the other in {shiny} applications
  • Recording of the last active {shiny} theme in a cookie to benefit from a persistence of the button for a given user
  • Integration of features in a package tested, documented, deployed with continuous integration
  • Use of the PROPRE approach for the development process
  • Regular exchanges with the client

Result & added value

  • A package with tools that allow agents to create R productions ({ggplot2} plots, {rmarkdown} reports, {shiny} apps) in coherence with the design system
  • A rigorous documentation of the package

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