{attachment} v0.2.0 : find dependencies in your scripts and fill package DESCRIPTION

Author : Sébastien Rochette
Categories : development, package, thinkrverse
Tags : attachment, documentation, rmd-first, thinkr-package
Date :

New version of {attachment} has been published on CRAN ! We continue to improve its functionalities to help you deal with dependencies in R, in particular during package development.

Since our last blog post presenting the aim of {attachment}, two versions reached CRAN. The full documentation is available on the {pkgdown} website : https://thinkr-open.github.io/attachment.
Still, for package developers, att_amend_desc() keeps being your best friend after each change in your package. Just before devtools::check() as we explain in our guide for package development along with documentation.

Install {attachment} from CRAN or GitHub

CRAN version


Development version

# install.packages("devtools")

{attachment} 0.2.0: Find dependencies in Rmarkdown inline code

Breaking changes

  • att_to_description() deprecated in favor of att_amend_desc() to be first in auto-completion list, as this is the most used function of this package
  • att_from_rmd() gets parameter inline = TRUE by default to explore calls for packages in inline R code.
  • att_from_rmd() and att_from_rmds() are not anymore executed in separate R session by default. You must set inside_rmd = TRUE to do so.


{attachment} 0.1.0: Allow {bookdown} gitbook DESCRIPTION

Find out how to fill DESCRIPTION for your {bookdown} in the documentation: https://thinkr-open.github.io/attachment/articles/b-bookdown-and-scripts.html

  • att_amend_desc() is an alias for att_to_description()
  • att_desc_from_is() amends DESCRIPTION file from imports/suggests vector of packages
  • att_to_desc_from_pkg() is an alias for att_to_description()
  • Removed dependency to {devtools}, replace by {roxygen}
  • att_to_description() shows packages added/removed from DESCRIPTION
  • att_to_description() deals with dependencies in tests/ directory
  • att_from_rmds() allows user defined regex to detect Rmd files


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