The R series ‘Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps’ book is available in print!

Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps
Author : Vincent Guyader
Tags : golem, shiny, thinkrverse
Date :

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the paper version of the book “Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps” is available. It is published in the R Series by Chapman & Hall.

If you want to use shiny with rigour , and use this techno to push your applications into production, this book is for you. The ThinkR team and especially @colin put not only a lot of love into it but also (especially?) their knowledge in terms of shiny application development!

To get it, you can :

  • Order it from your favorite local bookstore (EAN: 9780367466022)
  • Buy it directly from the publisher here with, as I write this, 20% off by Using code FLY21
  • Buy it on Amazon
  • or anywhere else books are sold 🙂

The book is also available online for free at this address: Thanks again to the publisher for agreeing to this, and thanks to all those who will invest in the paper version for making this kind of initiative possible.


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