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Whether you are a private company or a public organization, we help you in the construction of your infrastructure or your datalab integrating the R technological brick. Without an expert support such as ours, the construction of such an architecture can seem complicated. Tasks such as the choice of infrastructure, the dimensioning of machines, etc. can quickly become difficult. In order to successfully complete this type of project, it is necessary to master R, its specificities and the system administration.

As an RStudio Full Service certified partner, we resell licenses for RStudio professional products and provide support to deploy these tools safely and securely in your organization.

RStudio Full Service Certified Partners resell RStudio professional products and employ RStudio certified R administrators and/or R user instructors who offer training, implementation, management, and development services that help customers succeed with R and RStudio.


We advise you on the choice of products that will best suit your needs. We also help you with their installation, configuration and maintenance. The purchase of licenses for RStudio professional products can be accompanied by a consulting service to support you during deployment.

One of our strengths is undoubtedly the fact that we combine skills in R ecosystem architecture, while frantically coding with R in our daily work. This makes us ideal representatives for working with the diverse profiles of your team members, whether they are IT professionals or R users.

Our teams are skillful in various open source technologies associated to R in order to ensure the coherence of your tools and the continuity between the different teams: Gitlab, Docker, HTML/CSS/JS, PostgreSQL, Spark, VPN, etc.

We offercompetitive prices, and act as an intermediary with RStudio to negotiate the solution you need.


RStudio professional products


Deploy RStudio for your company


Connect your data scientists with decision makers


Control and distribute packages


The purchase of the three products in the form of the RStudio Team pack will give you access to attractive prices. It will allow you to take advantage of all the features provided by RStudio for data analysis, package management and work sharing. RStudio Team offers convenience, simplicity and cost savings to organizations that largely use R and RStudio. Depending on your profile, you may get a discount of up to 50% off the public price.


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