Far from the virus, close to the pedagogy: Our choice to train only remotely in 2020

Screenshot of remote learning session with R and videoconference
Author : Margot Brard
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The unprecedented health situation linked to Covid-19 has driven our team into a corner. Locked down during the lasted two months in France, we were no longer able to carry out in-person training sessions. But it wasn’t time to twiddle one’s thumbs. 

All chances on your side for remote trainings in good conditions

We learned and experimented new ways of teaching. From these two months behind closed doors, we came up with a full redesign of our training materials (which, we hope, you’ll like!) and above all… a dedicated e-learning platform. We have thus developed tools to organize our remote training sessions in the best possible conditions.

Our customers trusted us (we thank them for that!) et we could organize several professional R training sessions during lockdown… And the results are very conclusive, (we are not saying it, our learners do this better!):

“During lockdown, ThinkR maintained its professional training sessions. Everything went very well. The instructor could even assign us into separate virtual rooms for exercises. It was very efficient as it allowed everyone to get involved into the exercises without being disturbed. The remote learning tool also allowed the instructor to take control of the learners’ computers, so that he could correct and explain the problem resolution. The distance learning has been very successful for me.”

We made the choice to continue training our learners remotely. What is the reason for this? Because the epidemic remains active, and the health of our learners and team members remains our priority. We are also convinced that distance learning does not in any way undermine the power of pedagogy (when it is well conducted of course 😏)!

This is why all of our training sessions will be conducted remotely until further notice. To learn more about the organization of our remote learning courses, it’s there.


🔜 Next training: Learning Shiny for Production – Remote session – July 2020.


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