{golem} 0.3.2 is now available

Author : Colin Fay
Categories : golem
Tags : golem, package, thinkr-package
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The new version of {golem} is now available!

You can download it from your favorite CRAN repository, or by running the following command:

"thinkr-open/[email protected]"

What’s up with this new version?

In this release, we have been focusing on a closer integration of tests inside the application building process, notably via Server function testing with Shiny, adding tests to fct, utils, and the ui & server functions that comes with {golem}.

Starting with this version of {golem}, the integration of tests is opt-in:

golem::add_module("plop", with_test = TRUE)
golem::add_fct("helpers", with_test = TRUE)

Note that these will be opt-out in the next release —- in other words they will be TRUE by default in the future.

We also have squashed a bunch of issues, for example amend_config() now keeps !expr (this use to cause some errors when the project was shared across multiple computers), expect_running() now finds R.exe, some adjustments has been made to fit new version of packages (for example testthat::expect_is is no longer used, and we require the correct version of {usethis}).

For a full list of changes, please refer to the NEWS.md file.


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