About {golem} 0.3.1

Author : Colin Fay
Tags : golem, shiny, thinkrverse
Date :

The new version of {golem} (0.3.1) has been available on CRAN 🎉 for about a month now.

This new version includes a lot of new things, but we notably focused on working on two important new features: allowing you to extend {golem} via templates, and supporting for the latest changes in {shiny}.

Extending {golem}

One of the challenges when it comes to building apps in a production context is that you might be repeating some patterns over and over again: adding the same CSS in every app, creating specific functions, setting a license, adding internal packages as dependencies, etc.

The key idea with {golem} is to lower the number of repetitive tasks you have to perform during the engineering of your app. We try to achieve that by providing tools that automate these common tasks. But before version 0.3, there was no way to optimize the “business specific”, internal tasks of adding files, functions, or templating modules. This is now possible with this new release of {golem}, which introduces the concept of golem templates: functions that can be used for project hooks, module templates, and JavaScript and CSS file creation.

Support for the latest {shiny} features

The latest version of golem notably introduces support for the latest changes in {shiny}:

  • New module skeleton with support for shiny::moduleServer()
  • Disabling {shiny} autoload of R files

Learn more

There are plenty of other features in the new version of {golem}. Want to learn more ? Read about it on the golemverse.org website!


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